Your Franchise Branding Manual

We have a great deal of experience putting together branding manuals which should be used by all your franchisees whenever they are using your logos and having local collateral produced.

When you bring a new franchisee on board they are joining you because they can see the success that you have already had and want to have that same success for themselves. This will be achieved by following your methods of working and the operations manual that you will have created. But also they will need to follow the branding guidelines that you have created on your journey.

If they are using your brand then they have to use your logo as you intended.

You do not want to have your logo changed in any way by a franchisee as that will dilute your brand - for example they may prefer a thinner logo and stretch your existing logo to fit. You also want to ensure that the colours in the logo are consistent across all the media that you and the franchisees are using. In order to make this an enforceable part of the franchise agreement you should invest in a brand manual that will contain all the brand guidelines for what sizes the logo can be printed at and what colours are used to ensure that reproductions of the logo will be consistent across the franchise network.