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What franchising can do for your business

Whether you want to expand into new markets here or overseas, grow your market, or reduce costs, Franchising can give you the competitive edge you need to dominate your market.

You provide the know-how to open and to run the units, provide comprehensive training and on-going support to keep the business ahead of the pack. It offers you the gateway to growth with minimum risk and maximum opportunity to promote the name.

Franchising eliminates occupancy costs, payroll and day-to-day operating expense, all of which are the responsibility of the Franchisee who has a vested interest in controlling them properly.

You are free to concentrate on the core business of marketing and developing new techniques to make sure that you stay ahead of competition. Central management costs are minimised because far fewer people are required to run a Franchise Head Office, and the return on Capital Employed is maximised. Franchising provides a Regional, National or International dimension to your business.

It can happily run alongside company financed and run operations. However to construct a Franchise properly calls for know-how and experience . . . and masses of it.

It is not simply imagining that you can copy someone else's business, read a few books or attend a seminar. Careful analysis of the risks, planning and foresight are essential.

Franchise Link offers the right help whatever your stage of business.

Franchise Link and you can . . .

Grow your business with minimal Capital Investment

  • Increase market penetration and geographical reach
  • Eliminate day-to-day occupancy costs, payroll and operating expenses which are put under the control of the Franchisee who has a real personal interest in controlling them
  • Reduce Head Office and Field management costs (far fewer people are needed to run a Franchised business)
  • Develop the business with less capital, compared with more traditional methods
  • Reduce, or eliminate, the need to surrender equity or borrow heavily in order to expand the business


Franchise Link and you can . . .

  • Capitalise on the value of your business name and know-how
  • Obtain off-balance sheet financing of new/existing outlets and service points
  • Dramatically improve your return on Capital Employed


When you franchise your business you enjoy additional income through . . .

  • An Initial Franchise Fee paid by a Franchisee for the right to the area or location, the use of the name, operating systems and support
  • A Mark-up on sale of products - where appropriate
  • An On-going Management Service Fee
  • An On-Going Marketing Fee - where appropriate