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Our Services

Feasibility Studies

The first stage of any consultation is to see if your business is franchiseable so we carry out a feasability study to see if your business would be best expanded by a franchise model or even a licensing model. Occassionaly we will see that the business as it stands will not work as a franchise. In this case we will make some recommendations which you may like to take on board to progress to franchising or it might be that your business just will not work as a franchise.

Franchisee Structures

Our consultants have a wide range of experience with many franchise structures and it is possible that your original thoughts for how your franchise would work can be tweaked to serve the business and help make the transition smoother and ultimately more successful.

Operations Manuals

As part of the consultation to turn your business into a successful franchise we will help you to write your operations manual (a requirement for every franchise) so that all franchisees can follow your model to success.

Franchise Mentoring

As with many things there is not a one size fits all solution to franchising and so our consultancy needs to be flexible as different clients can work through the franchise process at different speeds. We offer a mentoring program which allows you to progress at your own pace with help only provided when it's needed from your franchise mentor.

So if you have a team of people who can pull together all the information required then you can move through the process quickly while if you need a lot more help in gathering the information you need then you will find that it involves a lot more time and work from your consultant.

Recruitment Processes

As part of the consultation we will prepare a plan for recruitment of franchisees however we are not a franchisee recruitment firm. We can prepare a marketing plan for both the business and franchisee recruitment which we can also help implement through our sister company Rocket 301 Marketing.

Franchisee Prospectus

Along with your website this is one of the first communications you will have with prospective franchisees and so you should ensure that it is as professional as you can make it. Prospectus Pro is a way of getting a professional prospectus created simplky and quickly. All you need to do is complete the text within each of the sections and then approve the design. Prospectus Pro will then create and provide you with both a print ready pdf and an online quality pdf so you can start using them immediately. Don't be tempted to turn your word document into a pdf as prospective franchisees will see your prospectus as an inidcation of the kind of marketing material they will be provided should they join you.

Control and Reporting Systems

Keeping the franchisee network under your control is very important and we can help put together the mechanisms for accurate reporting and management of the franchisees.

Business & Marketing Plans

We can help you to develop a business plan to take the franchise forward and Rocket 301 can help you to develop your marketing.

Legal Briefs

We can recommend solicitors and legal firms that specialise in franchise agreements and contracts. We do not recommend that you buy an agreement online or a 'one size fits all' contract as they rarely work and could leave you with a massive bill further down the track.

Copy Writing

We have several copy writers available to help you create content for everything from your prospectus to your website. Our rates are competitive and can take a weight off your shoulders when it comes time to deliver the content to push things forward.

Website Design

Rocket 301 can design and build you a new website for a lot less than you might think. Their work is guaranteed and they have created websites for businesses which are small local one man bands through to larger national companies. Prices for a new website start at just a few hundred pounds and you can be online within weeks.